Evil Eye Cup topper
Evil Eye Cup topper

Evil Eye Cup topper

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Custom Acrylic 40oz Tumbler Tag! Custom Acrylic 30oz Tumbler Tag! Name plate, nameplate

Personalized topper for the 40 oz,  30 oz, and 20 oz. H2.0 tumbler.
Personalized acrylic tag, designed to fit the tumbler top lid easy to remove, allowing you to wash your lid worry-free. To wash it, simply remove the tag, wash your lid, and easily place the tag on.


1/8" Acrylic 
layered 1/8 acrylic on top

Please note that all items are custom-made. We do not accept returns, refunds or exchange.
Hand wash only.
Our tags are not dishwasher safe.

Enter the name in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER window exactly as you want it printed, we copy and paste from there, if you enter ALL uppercase we will printed like that, please check spelling. We do not accept returns or exchanges for this product, because each item is custom made to order.
They are sturdy but can break if dropped or handled roughly. Broken items after received, or color combinations customer asked for it and don’t like are not option for refund or exchange