What are the Benefits of DTF Printing?

Technical advancements are evident in every dimension of life. Digital means have added value to the worth of the product. There is a misconception that every digitalization step demands cost and time. Several options have evolved when it comes to fabric printing. 

Screen printing on a clothing line is one of the most commonly used methods. In this, ink is transferred through the mesh stencil onto the desired fabric.

Stamp printing uses a stamp to imprint a design onto the fabric. It offers limited features as it restricts focus on intricate details. It does not require any machinery and seems cost-effective. But, it is not suitable for large quantities as one stamp can print only one design.

Direct-to-Film or DTF printing in clothing has become a game changer in fabric printing. In this technique, prints are directly transferred to cloth using the heat-press machines, irrespective of the color and the fabric. 

DTF technique has several benefits, making this printing method more desirable than others.  

Superior Print Quality

In DTF printing, multiple colors are used to fabricate a fine-quality product. The heat-press machine makes the inked layers of color thin, enabling one to flaunt the design details accurately. On the other hand, in screen printing, a separate layer of each color increases the thickness of the design, providing a bright color combination but with fewer details. 

Long-lasting Existence

The dyes and colors used in the printing form a strong bond with the material. Several color coats let the design retain its actual shape even after several washes. The stability of DTF printing increases with the use of high-quality inks and machinery. In contrast, other printing techniques are less reliable than this because the fabric on getting folded may result in cracks in prints. Usually, this occurs when the fabric does not adequately absorbs the color.

Availability of Wide Options

DTF printing perfectly serves the trend of customization. This technique provides several design options and color combinations that meet the customer's expectations. But, in screen printing, a single stencil is designed, and its image is transferred to the fabric. It leaves the customers with little choice for any modifications. 

Cost Effective Method

Though screen printing is regarded as a cost-effective technique as compared to several other methods. But, it is convenient for bulk orders rather than for small-scale production. Customized orders require a small number of copies, for which installing a screen printing set-up can be expensive. Therefore, DTF printing is more cost-effective and cheaper for less quantity.

Bottom Line

The DTF printing technique provides a discrete value to a product by adding a unique design to any shape, color, and size of the cloth. Unlike screen printing, DTF printing is no more confined to cotton fabric; instead, it can be used on cotton, polyester, and its blended varieties. 

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